Upper Room Church is a ministry of Communitas International (US) and the Christian Associates Network (UK). What started in 2008 as a Bible study for internationals grew into a house church. Our name comes from the fact we gathered in a top floor flat and during a teaching time in the Book of Acts, it became clear the Bible study group was really a church! Now mainly made up of Iranians, Scots, English and Americans, we hope to grow into a fuller tapestry of God’s people.

In April 2017 we were forced to no longer hold our all community house gathering in a flat – due to the numbers gathering and a planning permission violation enforcement threat by the city council! While we still hold gatherings in flats, and consider these house church expressions, they are more focused (e.g. Women’s gathering) in order to comply with the concerns. We fortunately found alternative premises in Re:Hope Church where we now hold these all church corporate gatherings. Our house church expressions have gone underground….