Bus Pass Ministry




Bus Pass Ministry

Many people from our community are seeking asylum and to get to doctors appointments, meet with their solicitor, even to make their required bi-weekly signing in appointments with the Home Office, they will need to travel considerable distances. This is because when someone seeking asylum receives housing, it is often located on the outskirts of the city. Without a bus pass, they are placed under an enormous burden – walking in the rain or trapped in a very small radius. To help provide transport, some level of comfort, and even the opportunity to get to the Upper Room, we started the bus pass ministry.

The bus pass ministry:
  •  A 4-week bus pass – a cost of £52
  •  Practical assistance to members of our community who are in need
  •  Is a temporary solution – if someone is in college to learn English, they may receive a bus pass. We use this fund until we find long-term or more suitable transport options

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