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Upper Room Church has various needs that you could help with. Here are a few ways you could support us:

  •  We often provide food (think food bank) when people in our community are in need
  •  Living on £35/week does not go far nor does it cover many essentials – such as clothing. Could you make a donation to help us buy a rain jacket or waterproof walking shoes?
  •  If you have fled your country, the only way you can keep in touch with your family in your home country is through your mobile phone. A phone top-up cost approximately £20 and lasts one month. We cannot stress how important seeing your wife, your child, or a parent is to our friends!


We want to stress, that while many of our community are in need, they are also very generous with their time and serving in the church. From cooking meals, cleaning before/after the gathering, helping translate, etc. Despite not being able to work and receiving a meagre living allowance from the government, they are also generous with the funds they do receive. First, we seek to find a way to support one another from within the Upper Room. When we are unable to meet the needs ourselves, we pray that others outside our community, after they have given to their local church, will consider supporting Upper Room and our community members.

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